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Akita Plexi Gold Pin Series

The Akita is a tube microphone that is a stunning rendition of a popular Japanese tube microphone. The circuit was redesigned to use a modern solid state power supply and incorporate  9 polarization patterns for the capsule.

The 6AU6 tube has a naturally compressed, clean and transparent sound.

The circuit board is a custom built Plexiglas board with Gold plated pins. All of the pins are connected point to point with 4% Silver bearing solder.
The circuit uses Elna, Nichicon, Phillips and Panasonic capacitors. Also the all important transformer coupling capacitor is a Vishay (ERO) MKP 1840. This capacitor is the most important because all of the microphone's signal travels through this it. Thus it is the key to the tone of the microphone. 

We also recently added a transformer that was used in Sony microphones. This transformer sounds amazing in this mic and has over +20db headroom.
We also have available a tube that is the same size and has the same low noise as in the Japanese tube microphone.
The Akita is available with two different capsules (per the customer's request). The standard capsule is the 6 micron JJ67 which offers an excellent sound in the 6AU6A circuit.

The premium capsules (*additional fee) for this mic are available upon request.
The Akita with the ADK TT capsule faired exceptionally well in a shootout against the Sony C800G; during the course of the shootout the platinum recording engineer hosting the shootout realized the sonic prowess of the Akita and purchased one for himself with a premium European K67.
This microphone is now in use recording multi-platinum recording artist Baby Bash for his new album.