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JJ Audio Price List (as of 12/7/2021)

   Dutch $1450 
   (includes microphone with Cinemag CM-13114 transformer, JJ12 capsule and NOS GE 5 Star tube.  Powder coat finish, standard headbasket, custom PSU, 7 pin tube  cable, case, shockmount, IEC cable)

  Additional capsules: Market price

  AMI T14: available upon request

   Custom Headbasket upgrade $50

   Akita $1950 
   (includes microphone with Sony transformer, JJ67 capsule and  NOS 6AU6A.  Custom Powdercoat finish, custom PSU, 7 pin cable, case, shockmount, IEC cable)  Sony output transformer and Sony 6AU6A tube are standard..

   Upgraded Capsules
   *Reskinned Sony and Neumann K67 available upon request, please inquire for pricing.
JJ Audio Pups
    Bulldog Pup 49 $1250 
    Jasper  Pup 67 $1250
    Akita  Pup 800 $1250

   (includes the microphone with 6 micron JJ K67 or JJ K47 capsule and NOS EF86, EF732, EC92 or 6au6. Silver Vein  Powdercoat finish, Black Chrome headbasket, custom  PSU, 7 pin cable, case, shockmount and IEC cable)
   * Reskinned Neumann K67 available upon request, please inquire for pricing.


Pitbull U87

 Pitbull $950

      ((Cardiod, Omni, Figure of  Eight)) 10db pad Vintage U87i/U87ai selector switch. Spider Vein Powder Coat, Nickle headbasket & bottom cap. 

     Shock mount and carring case and Cinemag Transformer.

    *Reskinned Neumann K67 available upon request, please inquire for pricing. 

Microphone MODS:

Oktava Modifications
   MK219 $300
   MK319 $250
   MK012 $120

Tube Mic Mods
   *please email for pricing

U87 Mods (MXL V67, 2001, ST77, ADK Hamburg, Vienna, ADK A51, MXL 9090, MXL V67I)

   $500 for cardiod only microphones, includes the Cinemag CM13113 transformer and U87A conversion.
   $600 for multipattern capable microphones (ADK Hamburg, Vienna, A51, MXL 9090, MXL V67I), includes the JJ GRY and U87A conversion.
   *These are prices for the modification services only.  You will need to send in your microphone to receive these upgrades, these prices do not include a microphone.
Transformerless FET mod
   Studio Projects C1/LDC $200, $250 for the Studio Projects C3 (multi pattern)

          JJ K67 upgrade $150 (cardiod only mics)
          JJ K67 Dual sided upgrade $200 (Studio Projects C3)
         *JJ K47 style and CK12 style capsules are available as well

   MXL 603/SDC $200 
   Additional mics that qualify for the Transformerless FET mod:
   MXL 2003A, MXL 990, MXL 550, MXL V63M, V57M, MXL 770, MXL 1006, MCA SP1, Rode NT2  $200, ADK GK67S upgrade $375.
   *If you have any questions about your transformerless microphone feel free to contact us!

Repairs (please contact us via email for pricing so we can set a repair appointment for your microphone(s).

All listed capsule prices are the installed price. 

JJ Audio Mics Return Policy: 

JJ Audio Mics provides a money back guarantee as long as you contact us and return the product back to us in new condition within 7 days of receiving it. We offer no refunds prior to goods being shipped. Shipping on returns and warranty repairs is at the customers expense unless previously arranged. Refunds and or credits will take 2 business weeks to process, refunds are determined on a case by case basis.  

All microphone builds and mods are done to order. We have an expressed turn around time of 4 to 6 weeks, however this is based on the availability of parts and the workload of the business. 

JJ Audio does not currently have any loaner or demo mics available for studios to evaluate our products, they are all out on loan. 

We accept Credit card, PayPal and Zelle orders as forms of payment.  :) 
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