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Recording artist Paula DeAnda (formerly of J Records) recently shot a new music video and the JJ Audio Akita was the featured video mic as well as the microphone used to record her vocals! As well she will be recording with this mic on some of her new material! Pictures and videos to come soon from Baby Bash and Paula DeAnda! The Akita continues to make its hands into the recording industry's premier artists. Before you know it the next hit song on the radio you hear, might be featuring a JJ Audio Mic!
Old News:
Ronnie Spector's new Christmas CD is out and its a hit! She was recently on David Letterman performing "Light One Candle." Congrats to Bobby Eli and Matt Weiss for a job well done!  
Multi platinum hip hop artist Baby Bash's album Hurricane features the JJ Audio Akita on vocals!  

Reggaeton Star John Eric La Roca Osorio, recently recorded vocals with a JJ Audio Daisy (U67 inspired) and he came away completely sold on JJ Audio Mics, USA!

The Goonies, which features our own Langston Masingale, is wrapping up their new album "Too," which features JJ Audio Mics on vocals, instrument recording and even a JJ Audio modded Pro VLA on mixing duties! More to come as the album is ready for release!