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Jim Jacobsen
Jim Jacobsen, worked as a recording engineer for over 25 years. He has produced
many albums and CD's for many local artists in the Baltimore / Washington area.
One of these albums "Uptown" by Johnny Seaton is in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
This album featured the Tele legend Danny Gatton.

Jim played in several local bands and in 1980 went on a USO tour with the band Fast Break.
He also played for over 10 years in a contemporary worship band in a large church in Silver Spring MD.
Jim studied classical guitar and has a degree in Music Education from Catholic University. He was a Band and
Orchestra Director in Montgomery County Maryland. He was also a Remodeling Contractor and Home Inspector
in Maryland and Washington DC. He is currently building and modding microphones in his shop in Glenwood Maryland.
"Electronics has been my hobby and passion since 1980. I have rebuilt, repaired and made custom guitar amps. In 2003 
I turned My interest to microphones. I started because I wanted to record with better microphones.The best vocal mic I
had at that time was an AKG C414EB with a teflon capsule. I saw on the internet that David Royer was modding
MXL 2001 mics. I sourced the parts and attempted to build my first microphone. It took a while to get the mic to work,
however when I finally got it to work, I was hooked! I experimented with different tubes, resistor values, and I read all that I could find on the internet and studied any schematic I could find. I started to experiment with changing components in stock microphones and found many changes that improved the sound of the microphone. I rebuilt and modded any mic I could get my hands on."

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