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We mod many widely available low end tube microphones into excellent tools.

Many tube microphones that are low cost reflect this in their construction in part selection. The output coupling capacitors, transformers, tube selection, capsule choice and amplification circuit are some of the common places we find low end tube microphones to be lacking. Sometimes a few simple tweaks to a circuit and a better transformer are just the ticket to a better sounding tube microphone. For the ultimate ugprade then you should consider the full package of capsule, tube circuit (includes the PSU) and transformer upgrade.

Due to the massive number of low end tube microphones on the market it would be too lengthy of a list to name every model, but just for clarity we do mod MXL, Nady, Apex, CAD and many other brands.

If your microphone has a tube circuit and you would like to have it modded, please feel free to contact us at the Contact
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