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A large number of mics that come out of China utilize a rendition of the famous Schoep's circuit used in transformerless FET microphones. However the implementation of the circuit with K67 type capsules often leads to over the top high end and an exaggerated sound that presents a thin, harsh result to the end user.

JJ Audio has performed a battery of tests to improve this circuit and this led to the introduction of the C1 mod. This modification allows the client to retain the stock capsule and still enjoy a massive improvement over the stock motif of the Studio Projects C1.

A new development to the C1 mod along with any other transformerless FET mic that qualifies, is the upgrade to the JJT67 or JJT47 capsule. The JJT67 offers the true German sound of classic mics like the U87 and U67. By utilizing this capsule in the C1, the engineer will enjoy a delicious marriage of smooth mids, extended low end and a remarkable sublime top end that still offers detail and clarity without being harsh or sibilant.

The mod available for the C1 is also compatible with other transformerless FET microphones like the MXL 2003a, MXL V57m, V63m, the Silicone Valve series MXL microphones, the MXL 990, Nady SCM900 along with many other makes and models. We recently have also added the Rode NT1 and NT1a to this list, along with the Rode SDCs.
As an added plus, microphones like the Studio C3 can be modded and retain their multipattern functions. The dual diaphragm JJT67/JJT47 can be used as a superb upgrade in voicing and overall microphone performance.

As well SDC microphones like the MXL 603 and 991 qualify for this mod, however the stock capsule is only utilized. As well aftermarket retailers offer capsules that have omni patterns.

This is an incredibly good value for consumers who own or are purchasing the mic packs such as the 2003a/603 and 2001/603, the MXL 550/551 and the MXL 440/441.

The transformerless FET mics are excellent candidates for Podcasts, as well as location recording due to their low self noise. The mic's also sound remarkably good on drum overheads, acoustic guitar and vocals. Once upgraded with the JJT67 capsule the LDC microphones stand out as excellent choices for male and female vocals (pop, rnb, rock, hip hop), along with choirs and strings.

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