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The New Pitbull

The NEW Pitbull is here!!!     2 Mics in One!!


The Pitbull is an extremely versatile microphone. Three patterns,  Cardoid, Omni and Figure of Eight, give you the options you need. A 10db pad lets you record loud sources without overloading the mic. Finally The U87i / U87ai switch lets you tailor the sound for different vocalists and sound sources.

The  Mic:

The mic is finished in a beautiful  black silver vein powder coat finish. The head basket and the bottom ring is a brushed nickle finish. All of the components are high end capacitors and mil spec resistors. The mic has a DC to DC converter that provides a full 60/120vdc to the capsule. The 60v provides a lower noise floor and better sensitivity than the vintage U87i. 

The  U87/ai Switch

The switch is the culmination of many months of testing, R&D and countless listening tests. This tuning is critical to getting the U87/ai sound right. The switch sculpts the top end and in the vintage mode the mic sounds like the old school U87 that is on countless records and broadcast media. Smooth is the best way to describe the sound. With the U87ai switch engaged, the sound is brighter and more modern. The top end is more pronounced and present without being harsh. 



The stock capsule in the Pitbull is an excellent high quality K87/67 capsule. We offer two capsules that take the Pitbull to the next level. 

Reskinned Neumann: Market Price

Color options upon request. 

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