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The mod that we perform to the Oktava MK219 and MK319 is almost the same. The circuit and layout is very close and the same results are achieved.

  • Mod the Grill to a more open and transparent brass wire mesh. In the 219, I cut out the grates across the capsule.
  • Replace and bias the FET with a Neumann style fet.
  • Two resistors are replaced with 1 Gigaohm resistors
  • Replace the electrolytic capacitors with better capacitors.
  • Replace the transformer coupling capacitor with a better capacitor.
  • Retain the switches without adding capacitance ** (See citation below)
  • Isolate the capsule from the capsule mount.
  • Replace the wire with Mil. Spec.Teflon/ Silver coated stranded wire.
  • Coat the interior of the body with a rubber compound. (Better than Silicone)
  • Burn in the mic for three days and retest.

** mod inspired by Mark Fouxman, Samar Audio & Microphone Design

The MK012 is a wonderful mic that sounds great out of the box. With some changes the mic sounds amazing.  
  • Change two resistors out to 1 gigaohm resistors.
  • Change the capsule coupling capacitor.
  • Change select capacitors to improve frequency response and clarity.
  • Change the FET to a Neumann style FET used in the U87 mic.
  • Bias the FET to custom tune and optimize the performance of the microphone.

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