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The MXL V67g  Greyhound Mod

The V67 is a great platform to mod because the front end of this mic is a copy of the Neumann U87 (vintage) circuit.  JJ Audio conducted extensive tests on this microphone and implemented changes to the circuit  that improve the sound of this microphone. We set out to make this microphone have a sound that was similar to the U87(vintage) circuit. The original U87 circuit was warmer and is the sound of countless hit records from genres that span from classic rock to hip hop.
We removed the 2SA1015 circuit and the 2SK170bl and replaced the 2SK170bl with a higher gain FET that is commonly used in a modded U87 microphone.  This FET has about 7 to 8 db more gain and works well with the MXL V67 circuit. The circuit is then modded to act like the U87. The capacitors are Wima for the film caps, Sanyo electrolytics and Polystyrene capacitors. A zener diode is added to stabilize the voltage.
The stock capsule is very similar to the K87 capsule and responds the same way to the filtering that is in the U87 circuit. The result is a mic that is very close in sound to the U87.  As well there are additional upgrades that can be made to the sound of the microphone via the larger components, namely the capsule and transformer.
We use Jensen Transformers and they are custom winding a special transformer for this microphone called the JJ GRY transformer which is larger than the U87 transformer and offers a much smoother sounding result along with more headroom.

The Pitbull
NEW: We also offer an upgraded multi-pattern version similar to this microphone called the Pitbull which incorporates all of the upgrades offered in the Greyhound platform along with a a new switch that incorporates the vintage classic U87 and the U87ai sound. The standard Pitbull utilizes our U87 / U87ai circuit, a high gain Fet and the Cinemag CM-13113 T13 transformer. The ultimate upgrade to the Pitbull is the Neumann K67 capsule.
The Greyhound and Pitbull are exceptionally good microphones for all types of applications where you'd normally use a U87, including male and female vocals for all genres. As well instrument miking (drums, percussion, horns, guitars, upright bass and violins to name a few) and voiceover are applications that continue to see Greyhounds and Pitbulls used due to their warm sound and excellent headroom.