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JJ Audio Pup Series

The JJ Audio Pup Series: Are three microphones that share the same smaller body platform. All three microphones have Black Chrome head baskets and a Silver Vein Powder Coat finish. The Mics have vintage custom circuits designed to enhance modern recording techniques. 

JJ Audio Bulldog Pup 49: This mic has the M49 circuitry, a JJ47 capsule and a NOS EC92 Vacuum tube. This tube has a single triode and the amplification factor of the 12AT7 tube. Historically, this tube was used in the Classic Gefell UM57 and the CMV563. The EC92 (6v heaters) and the UC92 (9v heater) was also used by Oliver Archut (Tab Funkenwerk & Ami Transformers) in several M49 builds. This mic can also be built with the EF732 (5840) a tube commonly used in M49 builds. 

JJ Audio Jasper Pup 67: The Jasper pup has a NOS EF86 tube and JJ Audio's new custom circuitry!! The capsule is a JJ67. When Neumann built the U67, they employed an elaborate feedback system that utilized a transformer with a Tertiary winding. This would "tame" the top end and smooth out the frequency response of the K67 capsule. The custom circuitry in this mic, employs a similar feedback circuit (without the Tertiary winding) to tune the mic.

JJ Audio Akita Pup 800: This mic is a smaller version of the JJ Audio Akita. This mic has the Sony C800g circuit with a smaller high quality transformer. 

                                  Bulldog Pup 49 / Jasper Pup 67 / Akita Pup 800